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You shouldn’t have to worry about being let down by your insurance. If you’re new to shopping for insurance coverage, we’re here to simplify the process and bring you peace of mind.

We understand that your loved ones are what matters most. Drawing on our years of experience and in-depth insurance knowledge, we’ll guide you to the right plan to keep you and your family protected, both now and for the future.

With Bennett, you’ll find individual insurance you can be sure of.

How we help individuals

Explore our range of individual insurance solutions below.


If choosing and purchasing coverage is new to you and your family, we can help simplify the process.

We offer both on-exchange and off-exchange individual and family health insurance plans. We’ll guide you through the process and determine if and how much subsidy you may qualify for.

As you look at the various policies available, keep these pointers in mind:

  • If you have a trusted physician, make sure that he/she accepts the policy you are considering purchasing.
  • If you are taking prescription drugs, verify how the drug co-payments will work. You don’t want to save money on the premium only to spend twice as much on the prescription drugs.
  • Look at the cost differences between deductibles. Often, you can save nearly as much in premium as the increase in the deductible. The result: if you don’t reach your deductible, you come out ahead. If you do reach your deductible, you are no worse off.


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Life insurance will help to provide for the people who depend on you financially, if you can’t be there for them.

We offer both Whole Life and Term Life insurance coverage from the top-rated financially strong insurance carriers.


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Dental procedures and care can be expensive, and it may be challenging to budget for it. If selecting a dental insurance for your family is new to you, contact us so we can review the options available to you.


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Supplement Plan

If you are turning 65, you’re probably asking yourself: “What is my next step? What coverage would be right for me?” 

At age 65, you can elect Medicare. However, most people don’t realize that Medicare Parts A and B offer limited coverage with no out of pocket maximums. That is what makes Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans so attractive. 

You are not alone! We are here to help you find the best solution for your needs.

Supplement Plan

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Our process

Learn how we analyze your needs and guide you to the ideal individual insurance solution for you and your family.

  • Individual insurance is personal—we understand that. That’s why we listen and take the time to learn your unique needs and goals.

  • Drawing on over three decades of industry experience, we analyze individual insurance coverage from every major provider to find you the best fit.

  • We’ll present our findings to you, discuss your options, and guide you to the right plan to keep you and your family protected.

Unparalleled help and guidance

We are here to help you answer the following questions about individual insurance:

  • Do I qualify for a subsidy?
  • Will my doctor be in network?
  • Will my prescription be covered?
  • How does an individual policy compare to COBRA?
  • How does a short term plan compare to a fully insured plan?
  • What is the difference between Medigap and Medicare Advantage?
  • Should I stay on my group plan instead of Medicare?
  • Why should I use a local agent?

The benefits of a local insurance agency

There is no substitute for a local agent when looking for a Medigap or Medicare supplement plan. A local agent knows which carriers are participating in the market and which offer the most extensive networks.

Many call centers are located outside the state and work with a limited number of carriers. Furthermore, there are no pricing advantages to working with a call center. At Bennett Insurance, you will receive a dedicated agent. One that you will know by name, not call an extension.

What our clients are saying

  • Bennett Insurance was the only agency that I spoke with in Florida that offered me  alternative Health Insurance options. The agent I worked with spent the time necessary to make me feel comfortable with my decision by answering all of the questions I asked, researching questions when necessary and promptly returning a call to me with the answers.  They did a great job addressing my needs and concerns.

    Belinda N.
  • I am so grateful for Andrew Sheldon, my favorite insurance agent! I called him panicking after my newborn and I lost health coverage unexpectedly. Andrew took the time to explain the policies that I could afford and educated me on health insurance. He took the time to research which policy covered my much needed prescriptions and made sure my current doctors were in-network. I received real and competent advice, not a sales pitch. Not only did I shop for my own insurance through Andrew, I also refer all of my clients who are seeking health insurance to him because I trust that he will do what’s best for them. Thank you for your help! 

    Denisse I.
  • I was mightily confused with all the Medicare supplement policy options, and the providers, and the agencies hawking them. And the constant media hype about enrollment deadlines gave me a frightening sense of urgency to choose now!  But I was afraid to go it alone.  

    Then a relative referred me to Bennett Insurance. She’s been their client for decades now, very happy with her policies and very happy with Dan Bennett and his team.

    I had the pleasure of being guided through the process by Andrew Sheldon, and I’m sure I was a challenge. I presented him with a pretty specific list of things I did, and did not, want. But Andrew listened. He did the legwork for me. He came up with a policy that matched both my needs and my budget. And he walked me through the application process step by step.

    The smartest choice I made was to call Bennett Insurance and avoid navigating that sea of policy options by myself!

    Sherry R.

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